About us

We are a group of Mexican companies specialized in the different fields that integrate the Right of Way. Our aggregate experience allows us to offer comprehensive and highly specialized services suitable and adaptable to our clients´ unique needs.


Formulate tailored solutions oriented to complex projects that require the release of the Right of Way and related services. Through the design and implementation of innovative procedures within the existing legislation and granting legal certainty, we provide our customers comprehensive services of excellence at once.


Be the leading professional group in Mexico in providing specialized services in terms of the Right of Way.


Execute our work in an ethical, professional, respectful and responsible way. This maintains the trust relationship with our clients.

Our Team

Grupo Alter´s greatest strength is our people: professionals from a wide variety of disciplines such as engineering, law, administration, economics and agricultural and social sciences. All of them focused on the Right of Way and related services. Our team combines experience and knowledge. Besides, our members are constantly updated making available to customers the innovation and creativity that can only arise from the expertise in the area.

Mexican Chamber of Construction Industry
National Chamber of Consulting Companies
Mexican Association of Right of Way
Chamber of Commerce of Canada
Chamber of Commerce
of Canada