Meysa is part of

We are a company integrated by specialized professionals on the regularization of land tenure. We have an extensive experience in the release and divestment of private property and ejido or communal ownership to a third party, either the Federal Government, state governments, local governments, dealers or individuals. Our services are aimed at achieving legal certainty on the property for any type of infrastructure and real estate development, which is key for the projects to be undertaken.

To do this, we have designed an innovative methodology divided into two phases:


Private and social (ejido or communal): dissolving the shared ownership. 


Divestment: obtaining the documents that prove the ownership of property rights (Title Deed, Public Deed, etc.)


Risk Evaluation

  1. Review of the land´s legal status where the project is located, either ejidal, communal, private, federal or national property.
  2. Documentary diagnosis, correction and integration.
  3. Lobbying and awareness within the agrarian centers in case of social ownership and negotiating in regard to other types of properties.

Release of the right of way

Divestiture of the property until achieving the corresponding Titles Deeds for the authorities, concessionaires or individuals interested in establishing the right of way.


We have the necessary personnel and equipment to make the necessary and indispensable procedures within the framework of laws, regulations and other statutes applicable on the regularization of land tenure.

Land regularization

Land regularization of existing projects to consummate the missing procedures.