Context in Mexico

"Right of Way is the authorization given to an individual or group to go through the property of third party". 

- Mexican Association of Rights of Way (Asociación Mexicana de Derecho de Vía ADDV)

Infrastructure projects´ investment in Mexico is increasingly important for national development. However, the legal particularities that the land ownership implies, demands a specialized and trusted advice.

Working with the Right of Way is the art of achieving agreements in which all parties benefit. It is about negotiating and reaching legal and fair arrangements that facilitate contexts where society, as a whole, progress toward better scenarios. Therefore, it requires a careful balance among development, legal framework, respect for the customs and habits and the protection of acquired rights.

In Mexico, the Right of Way is an issue that involves a complex historical baggage given by the different models of land tenure in the country, some of which are practically unique to Mexico. Thus, in the contemporary context it is crucial to understand these particularities to lead Mexico into a new level of development.