Audente is part of

We are a real estate company with experience in the design and construction of residential and commercial developments. We offer a wide range of services to ensure a secure and growing investment.


Release of the Right of Way

  • For roads, highways, bridges, railways, land divesting of both social and private property.
  • For the construction of any property.

Land acquisition

Land acquisition for residential social projects as well as industrial and commercial developments.

Designing financial studies

Designing financial studies and master plans for marketing real estate.

Obtaining or granting loans and guarantees 

Obtaining or granting loans and guarantees of all kinds, holding all kinds of contracts, civil and commercial operations.

Legal and technical advice

Legal and technical advice on various agricultural issues for the creation of real estate companies, expert reports, topographical surveys, etc.

Awareness activities

Awareness activities, agreements in agricultural or private centers.

Management of all types of properties.

Sale of construction designs.

Hiring all kinds of construction related services.

Buying and selling, leasing, production, manufacture, import, export and distribution of all types of real estate, industrial equipment and systems.

Purchase and sale of machinery and materials´ manufacturing equipment as well as raw materials and all kinds of elements necessary for the construction of all types of properties.

Building and construction in all forms.

Work supervision.

Construction, maintenance and repair of infrastructure such as roads, bridges, roads, railways, seaports, airports, aqueducts, etc.

Decoration and interior design.

Design and interior decoration of any property